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2012 100 most amazing goals and more

2012 was a hell of a year for soccer, 91 goals by Leo Messi, Falcao breakthrough season, and the ManU rising from the ashes to lead their league by over 7 points. Here are some must see goals + the best 100 goals for the year.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden vs England):

Lionel Messi (Argentina vs Brazil)

Radamel Falcao (America vs Atletico Madrid)

If you have time to kill here are the best 100 Goals of 2012:


The final Classico of 2011 was one for the ages … Real Madrid looked like the favorites after superb performance all season. Their counter attacks are probably the fastest and most efficient to date (someone should test speed + efficiency stats). But yet again Pep and his boys were able to smack the arrogant Ronaldo and his manager in the mouth. The second half was all Barca with incredible passing and superb ball possession leading to a 3-1 victory.

El Classico part 1: FC Barcelona kings of the castle

Xavi and company opened the best defense in la Liga like a fresh fish

El Classico the game everyone awaits between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid was set for two soccer giants to battle each other for pride and precious league points. Both teams are at the top of the Spanish league, they recently returned from impressive campaigns in The UEFA Championship games. So both clubs knew this will be a tough game, and one for the ages.

Xavi Hernandes opens the flood gates with the first goal of the match

Xavi Hernandes opens the flood gates with the first goal of the match

In the end the beautiful game by Barcelona was overwhelming for Real Madrid’s manager Jose Mourinho. Dubbed the special one he had no answer to the tactical passing and onslaught of attacks. The second half saw a more aggressive Madrid, but the midfielders and forwards were a shadow of themselves. Ronaldo showed some sparks, but the deadly counter attack was virtually illuminated.

David villa the new comer had an impressive performance (2 goals)

David villa the new comer had an impressive performance (2 goals)

Only 4 players used in this match did not grow in the Barcelona youth system, this style of futbal is ingrained in those players since they started walking.

El classico barcelona vs rel madrid

The game was intense with lots of hard tackles, verbal outrage, shoves, and a frustrating tackle by Sergio Ramos.

Pep you are better than that

Frustrated Sergio Ramos jammedUpon Leo Messi, then shove fellow World Cup teammates Puyol and Xavi in the face.

Sometime when something is done so well it is elevated from just another game into pure ART. Watch the full game on ESPN3 you will understand what we are talking about.

The Atomic Flea drops 3 on Sevilla

A little long but hay HD quality and a 4 – 0 win for Barcelona in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup 2010. The squad hardly had time to train with friendly international matches. But this was the first silverware of the season and Barca was down 3 – 1 after a young Barca squad lost in Sevilla.

Well the juga bonito is back at it, hungry, fresh, and explosive. Some say Messi did not try hard enough during the World Cup, but people fail to see the big picture. The Argentine national team does not have a Xavi or Iniesta in the middle, but more importantly Barca does not congest the front. Messi has a chance to operate in “The magnetic spectrum of genius” instead. Enjoy!