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In the line of fire at the Ryder Cup - by Mark Pain

Tiger Woods has taken his worst loss ever in the Ryder Cup, we think…or as the dude once said “clearly you are not a golfer”. Two amazing things did happen this year… A composed cameraman did not move and got an amazing shot. The ball broke his camera and stopped Tiger in his track. The larger story though is a mystery cigar guy at the Ryder Cup. Do you see him?

If you know him please tell him JU wants an exclusive interview, we are also willing to name him a lifetime editor at large.


Cocky goalie gets Jammed Upon

We love us a goalie that on the rare occasion gets to stop a plenty kick. Odds are against the man with the gloves who literally gambles on a spot and hopes for the best. So when a goalie does everything right, including the celebratory chest-pumping-thingy, but stills get JU by the round ball. Well that is post worthy…

This video sent to us by our ATLANTA fan base (2) … Thanks!

If you haven’t heard about Oracle Paul the Octopus, here is your chance to see him in action.  He has correctly predicted several important matches in this World Cup, most recently Germany’s semifinal loss to Spain.  If he is right on his last prediction, he might save himself from being the main ingredient in Sunday night’s paella.
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Netherland first goal on Uruguay by Gio Van Brokhorst the ex barca man
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