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Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks on Christmas Day

The NBA finally broke the lockout and Miami Heat went to seek revenge at the hated Dallas Mavricks. The game was explosive, and the Heat look ready to prove they are ready to contend for the title. Check out what we have in store this year, the highlight reel is going to overflow…

By far below is the sickest play of the night … a quick steal from Chalmers leads to a fast transition break and a lob-pass to LeBron, who manages to find Wade mid flight for the easy bucket … amazing

It was a tough Christmas at Dallas, even Santa got out of hand, but what a great way to kick start the NBA


Blake Griffin dunking over New York Knicks center Mozgov

Like most NBA fans you probably never herd of Blake Griffin until it was too late. Be honest people… until this year no one in their right mind will go out of their way to watch a LA Clippers game, unless they played your team.

At that point it is already too late, Blake Griffin is in your building and someone is going to get embarrassed. We will let commentators color his skills with adjectives such as crush, destroy, stamped, postarize, but to us he will be the new Jammed Upon king in the NBA.

Look out people there is a reason why the sleepy Clippers are seeing 60% increase in game attendance, and artist put his notorious dunking skills on canvas. Here are Blake Griffin’s top 10 dunks so far, we will update these after the all star break, because the kid just does not stop Jamming Upon his opponents.

FIBA world championship: USA vs Iran

If only those outside the lines could learn how to behave from those playing inside:

USA vs Iran

Sure the USA beat Iran 88-51 in an entertaining clash. The match was played in a friendly and competitive manner. With BO being the only major complaint by USA players. There was much hope for 20-year-old Arsalan Kazemi who currently plays for the Rice Owls in Houston, and Hamed Ehadadi the Memphis Grizzlies center to carry Iran. They both had a fantastic game.

But forget about statistics for a second, lets hope this serves as an example for both countries, and the world. The people in the country do not necessarily represent the views of its government. With all this love and can we all get along we thought this picture was pretty funny… Enjoy!

FIBA world Championship USA vs Iran

This is kind of WIRD, considering the game was played in great spirit

Write a comment: what did one coach told the other…?

In preperation for the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship (starting next week in Turkey) The Greek and Serbian teams met for a friendly. Turns out it was anything but. At the time Greece (in white) was leading by a slim margin of 74 – 73. But when one of their players decided to regulate or make-out with the Serbian guard. The bench was having non of that.

BTW number 15 the center from Greece (aka Baby Shaq) will start regulating toward the end, and make the Serbian center back away…all the way! The loser is so upset with how fearful he was that he threw a chair on the Greek back up center.

Here is a video of the bloody center trying to get back and hit the Serbian chair thrower.

Come on kids make up and play some basketball isn’t team America enough of a challenge?