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Downhill riding in Valparaiso Chile, these riders Jam Upon the streets of this mountain town. Kids try this at home maybe you will be good enough for the 2012 competition.

Here is a straight run filmed with an helmet camera, for the full effect.

So far these bike warriors are the ultimate JU’ners of 2011


Blake Griffin dunking over New York Knicks center Mozgov

Like most NBA fans you probably never herd of Blake Griffin until it was too late. Be honest people… until this year no one in their right mind will go out of their way to watch a LA Clippers game, unless they played your team.

At that point it is already too late, Blake Griffin is in your building and someone is going to get embarrassed. We will let commentators color his skills with adjectives such as crush, destroy, stamped, postarize, but to us he will be the new Jammed Upon king in the NBA.

Look out people there is a reason why the sleepy Clippers are seeing 60% increase in game attendance, and artist put his notorious dunking skills on canvas. Here are Blake Griffin’s top 10 dunks so far, we will update these after the all star break, because the kid just does not stop Jamming Upon his opponents.

Freak accident happened to Chicago Cubs rookie Tyler Colvin during Sunday’s game against the Florida Marlins. Running home from third base Colvin was looking at the ball unaware of a shattered bat spearing toward him. Although there was minimal external bleeding, he was being treated with a chest tube to prevent a collapsed lung. Colvin is stable but will be out for this season.

I guess baseball could be a dangerous sport after all

Cocky goalie gets Jammed Upon

We love us a goalie that on the rare occasion gets to stop a plenty kick. Odds are against the man with the gloves who literally gambles on a spot and hopes for the best. So when a goalie does everything right, including the celebratory chest-pumping-thingy, but stills get JU by the round ball. Well that is post worthy…

This video sent to us by our ATLANTA fan base (2) … Thanks!