Vince Carter dunk at the OlympicsIt all started on yet another all night session of Xbox Wining Eleven competition at our house. The air was heated and some were looking for revenge after losing back to back matches. The underdog known for his love of everything junk food and immature cartoons finally scored a beautiful goal and yelled “YOU JUST GOT JAMMED UPON“!

The rest is history, since then we have used the phrase on the reg at major sporting events and when we are out drinking. Very hard to define what Jammed Upon really means, but when you see it you know it. The picture is a classic Jammed Upon moment, but in the world of sports and in our daily life you either jam or get jammed upon on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to share it on this blog you will either be remembered as a hero or smell like balls for a minute. It is all in good fun though.