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The final Classico of 2011 was one for the ages … Real Madrid looked like the favorites after superb performance all season. Their counter attacks are probably the fastest and most efficient to date (someone should test speed + efficiency stats). But yet again Pep and his boys were able to smack the arrogant Ronaldo and his manager in the mouth. The second half was all Barca with incredible passing and superb ball possession leading to a 3-1 victory.


The Atomic Flea drops 3 on Sevilla

A little long but hay HD quality and a 4 – 0 win for Barcelona in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup 2010. The squad hardly had time to train with friendly international matches. But this was the first silverware of the season and Barca was down 3 – 1 after a young Barca squad lost in Sevilla.

Well the juga bonito is back at it, hungry, fresh, and explosive. Some say Messi did not try hard enough during the World Cup, but people fail to see the big picture. The Argentine national team does not have a Xavi or Iniesta in the middle, but more importantly Barca does not congest the front. Messi has a chance to operate in “The magnetic spectrum of genius” instead. Enjoy!

Teves world cup

Because Messi is sick and Maradona makes a lot of noise but this guy is a fighter a true assasin that jammed mexico in his second goal

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Germany beat England in second round of world cup

Because when Germany is playing like they are South Americans anything is possible

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