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Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks on Christmas Day

The NBA finally broke the lockout and Miami Heat went to seek revenge at the hated Dallas Mavricks. The game was explosive, and the Heat look ready to prove they are ready to contend for the title. Check out what we have in store this year, the highlight reel is going to overflow…

By far below is the sickest play of the night … a quick steal from Chalmers leads to a fast transition break and a lob-pass to LeBron, who manages to find Wade mid flight for the easy bucket … amazing

It was a tough Christmas at Dallas, even Santa got out of hand, but what a great way to kick start the NBA


It was like a bad dream … a big guy punching me in the chest and splitting my rib cage open!

The Miami Heat big 3 frustrated with their 4th lossing streak late in the season

frustrated, confused, cold ... Miami Heat big 3 will they step up?

But enough about my nightmares , how about the current one the Miami Heat are having? 4 loses in a row to the big 3, Sunday’s collapse was against an impressive Chicago Bulls team that is playing at full potential right now. The lost was like a rerun of the last tow games against our eastern counterparts, lead blown and not enough structure to secure victory. The Heat reminds me of the economy lately … no relief in sight.

Eric Spolstra of the Miami Heat

What started out as a dream team has turned into a disaster at the worst time of the season when contenders solidify their squads, rotation, character, and most importantly position on top of the standings (Boston & Bulls are doing just that). El Heat and their second year coach Eric Spolstra are still tinkering with an ever confusing line up and there was not a single cohesive game played since returning from the all-star break or did we return from that yet? This team must grasp a sense of urgency in a hurry.

The Miami Heat bench

I still have no explanations as to why they cut Carlos Arroyo and what kind of plans are in store. In order for the heat to reach their true potential they must first simplify the game and use our core strength on the court at all time. What started out as a team committed to defense first, is very quickly losing when it counts most the end of the game. As of late the Heat looks more like a street ball squad than anything remotely close to a pro team. Clear the lane and go to work one-on-one (but more often 1-on-4) will not cut it in the post season. With the big three on this team Spolstra has to keep it simple on offense, and do a much better job at play calling. But when rotation changes on this team more often than I change socks, it is almost impossible to get into a rhythm. At this point of the year you must stick with your guys and live & die with your choices. Under this uncertainty Mike Miller is having his worst NBA season, James Jones is ignored, and Joel Anthony the faster more defensively aggressive center is sidelined by two aging big men Dampier and Illguskis. Not to mention Eddie House who brings more effort than talent, but still have not found consistent playing time to break out into a sixth man type role.

Dwayn Wade it is your team take over

Every new idea has its growing pains that you learn from and improve upon. If the big three are truly in this for the long run with a goal of building a dynasty, as I unquestionably believe they can and will, than ground rules must be set this is D Wades team point blank. The team is also feeling the absence of Udonis Haslem the enforcer, and no one has stepped up to fill this role. Every dominate team needs to have one, and it is a big reason why Miami doesn’t intimidate Boston, Chicago, and I hate to say it Orlando. There is not a single Heat player at the moment that is focused on squashing the opponent’s heavy hitters and retaliate for fouls against our stars. Anthony showed potential and got benched, Chris Bosh is too weak or scared to be that guy.

Udonis Haslem of the MIAMI HEAT

Despite it all this it is no time for panic just time to play basketball not Lebron, Bosh, or Wade ball. Getting back to plain defense-first mentality, a creative offense, and consistent effort should do the trick. Miami Heat basketball was a term used frequently during the heat 20 plus game wining streak after a 9-8 start, time to get back to their core.

Heat Players we know you are big fans of this blog, this video is dedicate to you:

You guys are like a bear with huge claws, your so Fucking money and the league is a little bunny lost in the forest … and you have these huge claws these fangs …. start running teams over NOW!

The Miami Heat are going to win a title in the next year or so, with or without LeBron James. If Bosh and Wade can get any decent role players around them, they should be able to sneak through the East and take a title at least once in the next few years. Outside of Wade, the Heat have been so weak that many of us have forgotten just how special a player he is, especially when it counts.
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