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Miami Heat vs Dallas Mavericks on Christmas Day

The NBA finally broke the lockout and Miami Heat went to seek revenge at the hated Dallas Mavricks. The game was explosive, and the Heat look ready to prove they are ready to contend for the title. Check out what we have in store this year, the highlight reel is going to overflow…

By far below is the sickest play of the night … a quick steal from Chalmers leads to a fast transition break and a lob-pass to LeBron, who manages to find Wade mid flight for the easy bucket … amazing

It was a tough Christmas at Dallas, even Santa got out of hand, but what a great way to kick start the NBA


Jacob Tucker is a guard for Illinois College he made this video for the 2011 NCAA dunk contest. He is 5’11” with a 50 inch running vertical, his dunks are unreal.

Here is his message on youtube:

Hey guys I’m Jacob Tucker and I just finished up my senior year of basketball at Illinois College. This video was made in an attempt to get in the 2011 NCAA dunk contest. I’m 5’11” with a 50 inch running vertical…. I want to send a special thanks to everyone that has helped this grow! This has been incredible!

Street Basketball dunks

People don’t talk about street basketball anymore, for a minute there the sport crated such a buzz I think David Stern could not sleep at night. Its raw and so unPRO, and yet some of the dunks on this video will put to shame any professional dunk contest I ever saw. There are guys (yes, as in more than one) jumping over cars for a monster jam, boom shakalaka. Crazy!!