In a cold, wet, and ugly game in New Jersey, the Jets conditioning coach Sal Alosi gave his players a little help from the sidelines. Alosi, the scumbag, gave Nolan Carroll of the Miami Dolphins a charlie horse as he was racing down the sideline. Pathetic and a lack of sportsmanship if there ever was one. Football is violent, aggressive, and emotional as it should be between the lines. Sal you are so dumb, so so dumb!

Sal Alosi tripps Dolphins player Nolan Carroll

Ass of the week Sal Alosi...

What Should be his punishment? pay a fine, get fired, suspended, or banned from every working in the NFL. Carroll could have been injured really bad on this play, running full speed the last thing on his mind will be a knee from a coach…

Player reaction to the Jets tripping bonanza:

For a league that stresses this year players safety, sometime being too harsh on players to send a message, they should come down hard on this clown. Set an example to all the hot heads, sideline wanna-be, irresponsible idiots. If the Jets want to remain a professional organization, they should add some harsh measures of their own.

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