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Super Bowl XLV in Dallas Texas

In a somewhat flat Super Bowl 45, the Green Bay Packers are bringing home the bacon. Aaron Rodgers was named MVP after leading his team to a 31-25 over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and officially stopping the Brett Favre debate. 3 years after Favre left, and 14 years after their last Super Bowl title the kid from California erased all doubts.

Aaron Rogers wins the Super Bowl MVP

Overcoming key injuries, a sensational rally by the Steelers, and loads of penalties later we give the game a 7. Pittsburgh defensive explosion (watch the NY Jets game) was proven to be a half hit wounder, repeated drops, and a boring 3rd quarter made this game a snooze despite what the score line says.

Packers celebrating their Super Bowl win after 14 years

You could tell Big Ben was hurt out there, and his usual running threat was lacking as well. He is a great QB and a terrible person, but his performance was lacking, not to mention his interception lead to a easy Packers TD. He will still have time to collect more silverware, until then don’t mention his name in the same category as Brady or Payton.

Big Ben of the Pittsburgh Steelers sucks

But enough about Football lets talk Dallas who get a -D on their report card, negative because the weather was freezing (give FL a 10 year hosting rights until the water overflows), but worst the venue. This $1.2 billion stadium had terrible turf (key reason for the injuries we saw), sound system was a joke, and the worst part 1200 seats were incomplete, and deemed unsafe. So for a state that is known to go big you did, but for all the wrong reasons.

Half time show was a bust, The Black Eyed Peas gave everyone a shiner with their music and Tron themed show. Fergie looked lost out there yelling to the mic, and singing a lame rendition of sweet child… Slash really!? What is wrong with you? Anyways ever since we saw some boobs on TV courtesy of Janet the shows are getting progressively bad. Dancers with boxes on their head, and Usher doing the split this is what is going to get me pumped… com’on!

Slash really? Super Bowl half time show

We could go on and on but Steve Martin said it best in his tweet…

I learned so much about love during the halftime show. Andthen at the end when it said, ‘The Beginning,’ I thought ‘Wow.’ Just. Wow.

Thank good for Super Bowl commercials… here are some of our favorites:







Blake Griffin dunking over New York Knicks center Mozgov

Like most NBA fans you probably never herd of Blake Griffin until it was too late. Be honest people… until this year no one in their right mind will go out of their way to watch a LA Clippers game, unless they played your team.

At that point it is already too late, Blake Griffin is in your building and someone is going to get embarrassed. We will let commentators color his skills with adjectives such as crush, destroy, stamped, postarize, but to us he will be the new Jammed Upon king in the NBA.

Look out people there is a reason why the sleepy Clippers are seeing 60% increase in game attendance, and artist put his notorious dunking skills on canvas. Here are Blake Griffin’s top 10 dunks so far, we will update these after the all star break, because the kid just does not stop Jamming Upon his opponents.

Chad Henne football IQ, and Sparano’s stubborn ways

On the same day the Metrodome came crumbling down so did all hopes of Chad Henne being a long term quarterback for the Fins… More on that in a second .

I would like to say that right now it is 63 degrees in Florida and in the AM will be in the 30s WTF??? And they wonder why I’ll never go to New York, any way back to foo-te-ball.

Chad Henni getting jammed upon

Miami traveled to the big Apple one day early to watch the Broadway play Lombardi in hopping the play will inspire them more than current head coach Tony Soprano. No knock on the guy just have not been impressed with what he has done this year. Show me another head coach in this league getting so damn excited over field goals. Worst he keeps protecting a shitty QB like Chad Henne, as if we will see different results (Gruden any one?). The Fins on paper look like a squad that can contend for at least a playoff spot, but it doesn’t look like the players are buying into the team mentality set before them. There seems to be no trust between the sideline and the line of scrimmage!

Tony Sparano miami dolphins coach

bravo team we got 3 points... so pumpped right now!

A team with this much talent a 10-6 victory against the much hated J.E.T.S when our defense was running on all cylinders is simply unacceptable. The offense was led by a deer-in-head-lights Henne who was not in sync all game. Coming off a loss last week at home versus the Browns I expected a better offensive performance. On the other hand it was great to see us harassing the over hyped Mark Sanchez. After last week debacle against the Pats the Jets are in panic mode. The Dolphins D led by NFL sack master Cameron get-out-O-my-way Wake was active all game if it was not for there consistent effort all game we would have surely lost this division show down.

Cameron Wake of the miami dolphins

Jets QB getting jammed upon by Wake

This bring me to my earlier comment about Henne we have waited and waited for this player to shine he has all the raw ability but cannot put it together this game for me was the last straw for this team to take the next step both Henne and head coach sproano must go it is unfortunate but they will not be head to the playoffs this year even though we are statistically still alive all because we are a team with no identity just a great defense close to number one if our Cb can intercept more and the best wide receiver with out a Qb .

Channing Crowder also shut down the engines of this Jets offense

The future can be bright however unlike Tomorrow morning in honor of Christmas we should donate Henne to help Santa deliver present like the reindeer he is .
A win is a win no matter what as lombradi would say but having a QB you can trust and believe in is where it starts if you want to win a game that will bring that elusive trophy to Miami who did they name that trophy after again ???

Side not Heat are on fire lately article coming soon .

Disclaimer the opinion and words in this article are meant to jam you up bitch if they don’t fuck off

High winds and 17 inches of snow on top of the 28 year old dome were too much to handle. Workers sprayed hot water to exhilarate snow melt Saturday, but this storm was too powerful. The building was evacuated and by Sunday morning the inflated dome collapsed.

Viking's Metrodome collapses

This storm was/is a big one, with 63-mph gust measured on Lake Michigan near Chicago & Waves up to 25 feet crashed along the shore, eroding beaches in northwestern Indiana and southwestern Michigan.

Minnesota Vikings dome collapses

Vikings lease expires after the 2011 season… rumors are the organization is interested in relocating to Los Angeles.