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NCAA football: Boise State making a statment

Boise State 33 – 30 Virginia Tech

Boise State Broncos win against Virginia Tech

great throw by Kellen Moore to Tommy Gallarda of boise State

Boise State is taking their No. 3 ranking seriously after an incredible start and a rather amazing finish, the national championship debate officially started. Enjoy the highlights of their first game VS Virginia Tech No. 10.

They face a tough game in Wyoming next week, but after that they get a favorable schedule with team they should beat on paper. You never know what the NCAA Football season has in store, but if they win the championship all fields should be dyed blue.


NFL pre season: Saints vs Chargers, Ivory goes loco

Ivory Jammed Upon the Charger's defense with a monster TD

Hey coach look what I did...

Ivory is trying to make his case to the defending champions in this pre season gem of a TD. Watch as he Jammed Upon the San Diego Chargers (sorry BK) defense. The season starter is near will he stay on the team? Will he make a difference when it matters most? who the hell know…enjoy

Link to Ivory run here

Eli Manning getting jammed upon

The pre-season started and the NY Jets drew first blood!

Eli Manning of NY Giants getting hit hard

Order up: a A Jet Sandwich to go!

The season did not even start and the NY Jets already left their hometown rivals a bloody mess. Sure in the end they lost but its pre-season season son we only care about the hits!

So what really happened? For the NY Giants starting QB to end up looking like this?

Eli a bloody mess after getting hit in NFL pre season

Some say it was a miss call by Eli, we say who cares the kid got popped hard and we like it.

Click here to see the video on the NFL site

A word about the NFL and Social Media:
you guys are simply don’t get it. If you try to find a video of this Jammed Upon moment on YouTube, all you will find are a bunch of video shut downs. The NFL is so guarded of any video footage taken, that simply filming some drills on your camera phone is a matter of national security. Boys you just don’t get it!

Even if you thought against starting a branded youtube channel, linking back to your site and choose to host the video’s on your own. Why not let million of users share hits, wins, catches, and the drama as the season unfolds. The video will be produced and controlled by you anyways, and more people can get excited about the plays of the week.

But hey I predict a future shift in policy, how soon will depends how quickly they can pull their heads out of their ….!

NFL Training Camp 2010 – F3*

Not really a fight but a hard hit during the Kansas City Chiefs red vs whites training camp drill.

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